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 It was an ordinary day in the life of Hideki Motosuwa, albeit that everything here in Tokyo was completely new to him. He sighed happily as he strolled down the sidewalk to his apartment. He was excited to get home and greet his persocom, Chi. After all she had been home by herself the whole day, not that he thought she was a real person or anything. Hideki shook his head ruefully and said aloud to himself.

 "I can be so stupid sometimes." He dug his keys out of his pocket, inserted the right one into the doorknob, and opened it with a happy exclamation. "Chi! Im home!" He waited for Chi to run up to him, just as she did every day, throw her arms around him and greet him with an enthusiastic "Welcome home, Hideki!" A few seconds passed by but Chi never did come to the door. Hideki began to worry. He took his shoes off at the door, dropped his backpack, and hurried into the little kitchen of his apartment. "Chi?" He called anxiously. He walked around the corner to see Chi with her back turned to him. She was bent over the stove looking down intently at something. Then realized she was turning the dial of the stove on and off repeatedly. Hideki gasped, rushed over to her and quickly pulled her away from the stove. "No Chi! Thats hot! It`ll hurt you!" Chi jumped when he grabbed her but otherwise went with him. She tilted her head to the side a bit as she turned towards him, those big eyes looking up at him innocently.

 "Welcome home, Hideki. Stove will hurt, Chi? What is hurt?" She looked completely adorable and Hideki almost gave in and apologized for scaring her, but he knew he had to be firm with her. She could seriously hurt herself with her child-like curiosity or even burn the whole building down. He thought a minute before decidedly answering.

 "Hurt is when you don`t feel good, I guess. Some things hurt more than others and that stove when it`s on and hot it can hurt you very badly. Fire is not to be played with, Chi." Hideki explained, semi-sternly. He didn`t want to scare her again. Chi`s face fell a bit and her eyebrows furrowed.

 "Hideki is not happy with Chi." Chi declared with a quivering lip and Hideki was sure that if she wasn`t a persocom she would`ve burst into tears.

 "No, Chi. You didn`t know. Its all right. I just don`t want you to do it again, okay? No more playing with fire." Hideki caved and pulled the small persocom into his arms.

 "No more playing with fire." Chi stated happily, now that it seemed like everything was back to normal and Hideki was happy again. In her euphoria she knocked him over and they landed in a heap of arms and legs on the floor. In the process, Chi`s skirt slipped up over her bottom and she was completely oblivious. Hideki blushed and frantically pushed her skirt back down, effectively covering her.
 "Chi, why aren`t you wearing the underpants I bought you?" Hideki asked nervously, rubbing the back of his neck.

  "Hideki isnt wearing any underpants today!" Chi exclaimed with an innocent grin, clearly happy she was being just like her owner.

 "Chi!!!" Hideki exclaimed, his whole face blushing profusely.

 Several days later:

 Hideki walked home with a smile. It seemed like he was smiling an awful lot lately. Life on the farm had never been this exciting and even though sometimes things were hectic, they were new and thrilling. He practically skipped in the doorway of his apartment. He had gotten out of school early today because of a busted water pipe and he was excited to surprise Chi with his early arrival back home. He was sure she`d be thrilled. He tiptoed into the living room, but there was no sign of Chi. He went to the kitchen next and there Chi was except she was toying with the stove again and this time when she turned it on a huge flame shot up. Hideki panicked, the flame had been very close to her sweet, inquisitive face.

 "Chi!" He shouted, she jumped, and maybe it was a reflex, all those years on the farm with his parents. He grabbed her arm, forcefully but still gentle, and turned off the burner. Then he bent her over and tucked her into his side. "I told you not to do that Chi. I don`t want you to get burnt!" He flipped her skirt up a bit to reveal once again that she had not worn underpants, raised his hand, and brought it down sternly. Not too hard but not too soft either. He spanked her bottom a good six times before letting her up. Her skirt flipped down and as he looked into her sad eyes, he realized what he had done. Chi began to make sobbing noises, although no tears were in her doe eyes. Hideki`s heart almost broke with the look that she gave him. He guessed he didn`t regret giving her a couple smacks, they were only to teach her, that`s what his parents always done, and Chi was so much like a child who still needed to be taught. Apparently though she didnt understand why he spanked her. Hideki pulled her into a warm hug and she clung to him like a life-line, still making those sobbing noises.

 "H-hideki mad at Chi! Hideki hit Chi!" She cried pitifully into his shirt. Hideki almost cried as well.

 "Oh no, Chi that`s not it. I was worried about you. I didn`t hit you." He rubbed her back trying to sooth her.
  "Worried about Chi?" She asked, looking up at him, her eyes sparkling although her mouth was still frowning.

 "Yes, Chi. I couldn`t bear it if you got hurt badly. I was just trying to protect you so, I spanked you to make sure you would never do it again and Im sure you won`t. I could never be mad at you."  Hideki admitted, burying his face into her hair, and holding her close.

 "Chi doesn`t like spank. It hurts." Chi stated and it almost sounded like she was pouting. Hideki chuckled a bit.

 "Oh don`t I know, and you only got six smacks, but that fire would`ve hurt you a lot worse. Will you ever play with fire again?" Hideki questioned. Chi reached back to rub her bottom a bit before answering.

 "No, Hideki. Chi will not play with fire." She admitted. Hideki smiled a bit.

 "Well I`m sorry I scared you and Im sorry that it hurt, but I can`t say it wasn`t deserved. I did tell you not to play with fire." Chi looked up at him again and this time the sobs had stopped.

 "Chi is sorry."

 "I know Chi. Say, its been a long day. Lets go take a nap, okay? And when we wake up we can fix some dinner." Hideki suggested, knowing that Chi was tired. Heck, he was always tired after crying from a spanking. Chi smiled a little, although she didn`t let go of Hideki.

 "Okay, Hideki." Seeing that she wasn`t going to detach her arms from around his shoulders, Hideki smiled fondly before carefully picking her up, avoiding her sore bottom, and carried her to the bed and laid themselves down. Soon, they were both curled up, Chi still tightly holding onto Hideki. He was snoring slightly and once again everything was right in the world. At least for now.
So I just started watching this series when my friend threw a flashdrive and yelled "Watch it!" lol Its pretty awesome so far. I got this idea because Hideki is so fatherly to Chi that it just seemed likely. Theyre an adorable couple. :D
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DarcEntity Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I commented on this long ago, but I DESIRE that you post more of this. It's absolutely adorable hehe
MiniFearling Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
This is sooo cute! And you got the characters' personalities spot on! Are you going to do anymore one-shots of Chobits?
EmOWrItErLuB Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2013  Student Writer
When I write I fiction, I have to make sure I get into their mind set or it just won't be authentic. Thank you. Hopefully, I would love to.
animegirl2012 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
>w< Chiii~ Lol. You never cease to amaze me.
EmOWrItErLuB Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Student Writer
Aw really? Thank you. Actually I wasn't really sure if I should post this one-shot. :/ I'm very glad that you like it!
animegirl2012 Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Well, I really like Chobits. It's a good series. So I could relate to the characters and hear their voices. >w< And you're welcome.
Every time you write something new, i'm always shocked at how well written it is... Excellent~!
You need to make a story similar to this, cuz quite frankly, this one story just isn't enough :)
EmOWrItErLuB Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2013  Student Writer
Lol I was kind of worried that it wasn't good enough to post but apparently I was wrong :) thank you so much!
You're welcome! I hope to see more in this style, except for the 3rd person speech... I know it's the character, but it's irritating xD
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